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In March 2024, we continue to sow the seeds of Shamrock Love by fundraising for our 3 charities: Laura Lynn, Danske Hospitalsklovne, and CCAFO.

That’s one charity for each leaf of the shamrock and one charity for each leg of 3 Legged Charity Race.

Laura Lynn

Laura Lynn is Ireland’s only children’s hospice. They provide palliative care and support for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Since 2015, the Race and Shamrock Love has donated 117,100 DKK (~€15,700) to Laura Lynn.

Laura Lynn

“The 3 Legged Charity Race has been supporting us since 2015, which is just fantastic. We aim to have loyal donors like Siobhan and her team and rely on this to help our families… Families from all across Ireland can access vital respite support, giving them the chance to recharge their batteries and regroup in a calm, fun, and welcoming environment. Thank you for making that happen.”

Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice, March 2021

Danske Hospitalsklovne

The Danish Hospital Clowns visit children in Danish hospitals and institutions, creating unforgettable moments full of play and smiles. Since 2012 the 3 Legged Charity Race and Shamrock Love has donated 169,100 DKK (~€22,680) to the clowns.

Danske Hospitalsklovne

The 3 Legged Charity Race (Siobhán, brother John Kelleher, and Andy Kelly) with the Danish Hospital Clowns (Copenhagen, 2013)

“With the race’s support, we’ve been able to spread happiness and joy and give strength and courage to hospitalized children so that they can better cope with their treatment and illness. We are very grateful for the valuable support from the 3 Legged Charity Race as we are completely dependent on contributions like this to be able to be there for the children. Thanks for making our work possible.”

Karsten Bjerring
Danske Hospitalsklovne, March 2021


Established in 2006, CCAFO (Cambodian Children’s Advocacy Foundation Organisation) is a Cambodian NGO working to address the root causes of rural poverty through early-childhood education, community development programs, and economic assistance.

Back in 2010, Shamrock Love founder Siobhán Kelleher-Petersen was introduced to CCAFO through the Irish community in Cambodia. This introduction led to a special partnership between the 3 Legged Charity Race and CCAFO.

Making a difference

Since 2010, the 3 Legged Charity Race and Shamrock Love has donated 195,100 DKK (~€26,170) to CCAFO.

This money was used to support CCAFO’s village-based preschool program and English language projects. In 2020, the 3 Legged Charity Race sent about €670 to CCAFO. Some of this money was spent on 637 bars of soap and distributed to 19 villages-based preschools to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Just goes to show that even small donations can make a big impact.

“In May 2016, a classroom was built at the CCAFO English Language Center in Kampong Speu Province. The construction was made possible by friends at the St. Patricks Day 3 Legged Charity Race in Copenhagen, Denmark.”

CCAFO’s Annual Report 2016-2018

See the list of all donations made by the 3 Legged Charity Race and Shamrock Love here.

Note all Euro amounts are converted from Danish Kroner.