Shamrock Love

Shamrock Love Logo

- let's connect our world through charity

Are you Irish, or a friend of the Irish, involved in volunteer work in your community?

Are you a donor giving your money to help make a difference?

Do you have a special charity that’s important to you?

Shamrock Love is a non-profit social and fundraising network for the global Irish community and friends to raise awareness and show support for the charities that matter to us.

A universal symbol of love

Shamrock Love Logo

Shamrock Love believes in the power of togetherness. We want to build a global community of volunteers and donors and together, we can sow the seeds of Shamrock Love far and wide.

We want Shamrock Love to represent every one of us, wherever we are in the world.

That’s why we designed our logo so everyone could understand - our shamrock means love.

If your local language isn’t included drop us a mail and we’ll be sure to add it!