About Shamrock Love

Siobhán at CCAFO

Shamrock Love founder, Siobhán Kelleher-Petersen with children at one of CCAFO’s preschools. Kampot province, Cambodia (April 2010)

Shamrocklove.com was launched in March 2021. But the idea started long before then…

My name is Siobhán Kelleher-Petersen and I am the organizer of the 3 Legged Charity Race.

In 2001, I started the race with my friends Des Carswell and Garrett McKeon. It soon became popular with both locals and tourist, and in 2007 we turned the event into a fundraiser for various children’s charities.

In April 2010, through the Irish community in Cambodia, I was introduced to the CEO of CCAFO, Hing Channarith. I spent some time with Hing and the children at CCAFO’s preschool in Kampot province– seeing first-hand the amazing work this organization does.

Since then, the race’s donation has supported CCAFO’s preschool and English language programs.

A universal symbol of love

It was in Cambodia that the idea of Shamrock Love first came to me. Because words often get lost in translation especially when you’re trying to explain a 3 legged charity race!

I wanted a way to explain to people that the race was more than just a bit of craic. That there was a bigger meaning behind it all. But it was difficult- how could I explain all this to people without speaking their language? Surely the best way would be to use the same words?

And that’s when it came to me- the idea of turning our little shamrock into a universal symbol of love so everyone could understand that our shamrock means love.

The launch

The 3 Legged Charity Race continued over the years and in 2013 (and 2014), to raise further awareness for the charities, I organized the Greening of the Little Mermaid, Tourism Ireland’s first global greening in Denmark.

And, then in March 2020, like so many other global events, the race was cancelled. But our fundraising continued and 15,000 DKK (~€2000) was raised for the 3 charities.

One year later, in March 2021, surrounded by an incredible community of family, friends, 3 legged racers, and volunteers, I officially launched Shamrock Love.

I hope the idea of Shamrock Love will inspire others - as it inspired me. And I look forward to connecting with other volunteers and donors, and hearing about the charities that matter to them. So together we can sow the seeds of shamrock love.

“you, me, we’re all shamrock love.”

I was born in Dublin, and now live in Denmark with my Danish husband Martin, daughter Maebh, dog Juno, and 14 chickens.

Shamrock Love is a non-profit organization, registered with the Danish fundraising regulator (CVR: 35624473). Read about Shamrock Love’s privacy policy here.